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You need resources to manage your agenda, search the right location to set up your business, search for partners, gain in privacy, or build your website...we help you

ThirdBrain-IT provides a full business package from companies incorporation(s) to administrative support. We are a Swiss company operating in a full anonymous way. We protect your privacy and acts to give you the best of the business world now.

What is the best country to set up your business, to avoid heavy taxes, to live thanks to my company without filling tons of papers, have a fluent assistant in my native language, a website to be done,  we have the right solution for your objectives...we know where to go, who to speak with and who to avoid.

We can help you to choose the right country to incorporate your business
We can help to give you resources to grow your need a native speaker to search for partners in a specific country? we will provide you him or her and manage him or her.
We can help you to avoid big cost(s) or taxes picking the bad partners from business registration to IT system

You will receive an email to invite you, first, to confirm your wish to contact us and secondly to setup a call with us

Just focus growing your project, we back you for all 

Complex time


Companies, bank account

It's a complex time between states regulations, new opportunities and agile actors. We help you to solve all problems that block you to do easily business

Incorporation of your company in the right country to obtain a bank account is generally the start of the entrepreneur journey. We help you to setup right this point giving you the right advice after studying your case.

You will suffer lack of time and dispersion like every entrepreneur. We help you to manage this giving you ressources you need when you need it without all human ressources problems.

Free proposal


IT & Translations

After the call, we will give you back a proposal to setup our partnership. If you take nothing from us, the proposal which is a clear guide how to proceed is free. You have nothing to lose.

We value privacy and then we act under all tools to allow this full privacy from the best VPN to crypted email. We are a swiss company (Thirdbrain SA) who acted as Wealth Manager under Swiss Market Authority for .3 years

We did not only setup businesses in the right place allowing our(s) client(s) to grow, we helped them with their tools thanks to our IT background. We also have an internal translators agency which uses to work with big corporations and international institutions.

Look far away, we look where you put yours foots on

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You have a project, ideas or want help to grow your business, let's see what we can do together. 

We can speak french, english, spanish russian and ukrainian

100% Privacy Guaranteed.

Write us at for any inquiry.

Please do not send any confidential(s) information(s) at this step and with this email.


Note, you can pay our(s) service(s) using cryptocurrencies, bank wire, credit card, paypal in various national currencies . by default USD, EUR, AUD, NZD, GBP are natively accepted as well as BTC, BCH,ETH,ETC etc..